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My Personal Favorites by Sandy Penny

The first song I ever realized was my theme song just powerfully washed over me the first time I ever heard it. I have made many choices that went against common belief systems and the advice of friends and family, but my spiritual guidance required something more of me. When I heard this song, it was like a confirmation of my choices. I have shared it worldwide with individuals and groups, and it has always been a powerful experience for those who listened. I hope you like it too.

Jana Stanfield's "I Am Not Lost, I Am Exploring."

Since I have always been connected to a vision greater than the typical 3-D life experience, I believe in magic, I believe in the power of love, and I believe that there are no limitations for us as co-creators with the divine power of the creator of all things. When I heard this song, it gave me wings.

R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly."

And for connection and experiences with other friends, lovers and family, this song says so much about love, joy and life. I was on my way to a funeral of a good friend, when this song started playing on my car radio, and the voice of my friend asked me to tell his wife to play this song at his funeral. It was so powerful for everyone there, especially his wife. And there is a movie called Truly, Madly, Deeply about a woman whose husband comes back from the other side to make sure she is happy. Gave me amazing chills over my whole body.

Truly, Madly, Deeply by Savage Garden

I hope you have enjoyed this slice of my life and favorite music. I hope it brings you as much joy, peace and inspiration as it did for me.

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Thanks for reading. Much love to you and yours.   ~Sandy Penny

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